Your on-demand creative department.

1. Describe your needs

Make sure you've signed up to Carrd, we recommend a paid plan for full functionality and professionalism.

2. Meet your creative match

We know creatives and run a community of over 80,000 creatives all over the globe. We'll find you someone great.

3. We keep tabs

We check in every 2 weeks with both creative and client to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Hire amazing talent.


Digital, UI & UX, Motion, 3D, Typography, Illustration

No-coders (coming soon)

MVP, Automation,
Design & Build

Marketers (coming soon)

SEO, Paid, Social,
E-commerce, Email,

Developers (coming soon)

Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack, iOS, Android

You might want to know.

As a company, do I pay anything upfront?

Nope! you only pay when a successful match has been made and the project has begun, there's even a free 30 min intro call.

Does array act as the middle-man?

Other than checking in, array focuses on making the best possible match so that both company and creatives are comfortable working directly together.

How does array make revenue?

A fee ontop of the creatives payment for making and facilitating the connection .

I want to sign up to freelance,
do I have to commit to a period of time?

No, it's pretty simple, you sign up as a creative, get vetted and keep yourself open to opportunities if you want them. If you're circumstances change, that's fine.

Yes, a newsletter